St George Hospital School

Telephone02 9113 2329

Welcome to our school

St George Hospital School provides a caring and supportive learning environment for students who are in hospital, as well as students transitioning back to their census schools after hospitalisation.

Looking back at Term 1 -2020

What a start to the year and term! Despite this years global challenges, students at SGHS have continued with their learning whilst recovering from illness. The school has offered students motivating programs to ensure students continue to be engaged in their learning. This term the school has offered a music therapy program. Music therapy has enabled students to engage in learning through a fun and expressive medium, whilst recovering in hospital. Chris, our amazing music facilitator from the Rhythm Village has delivered some fantastic lessons for all age groups, including learning to play music on the ukulele and rhythmic beating with African drums. We look forward to Term 2 and bringing back music.